I am Craving Broccoli

Something is up.  I am craving Brocolli.  I don’t think I have ever craved a vegetable in my life. 

Maybe it is because I laxed a little bit on the sugar consumption this weekend.  After my Weight Watchers meeting and my hitting my 10% I decided to give myself a little treat.  I went to the grocery store and got my food for the week, and also picked up some Capn’ Crunch.  It is a toss up for favorite breakfast cereal with Lucky Charms.   Of course everything I eat for breakfast now has at least a 1/2 a day of fiber and looks like twigs and branches.

Since it was noon and I hadn’t eaten anything besides a banana I made myself a big bowl of Capn’ Crunch – 12 points.  Yummy, yummy.  I ate it and tracked it in my log.  I had also picked up two cake mixes to make marbelized cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday.  The fact that the icing was in my house and wasn’t opened immediately was a milestone.  Finished out the day without going over.

Next morning slept in late and again ate my big bowl of Capn’ Crunch.  I then felt the need to “sneak” some more.  I told myself I had eaten three servings so why would I need to eat any more?  Is it better if I sneak it?  Old habits die hard, so I threw out the rest of the box.  It was fun while it lasted. 

So onto the cake mix.  One box of chocolate and one box of white.  You make cupcakes by putting a little of each in the paper tin.  I do not crave chocolate so it did not intrigue me as much as the vanilla.  I did save myself a little white cake mix.  It was tasty.  I rinsed out the chocolate bowl when I was finished, no tasting.  Then the icing.  I put icing on all 24 of the cupcakes which left very little left.  Of course I finished it off.  Icing not as tasty as I remember.  I think this craving has been satisfied for a while.

So after I track my little splurge for today I am going to have a dinner of broccoli and a portabello mushroom.  0 points and yummy goodness.  Wow, how can that be?  My body is changing and most importantly my perception of what tastes good is changing slowly. 

Cupcake for me tomorrow?  Maybe not, and that would be a good thing.


About tamshealthyweight

On my second Weight Watchers journey.
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